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About Tafnit Group

Tafnit Group is a global network of subsidiary companies – part of Tafnit Communication Ltd. (“Tafnit”). Tafnit has been helping international companies to build business infrastructures & networks around the world and directly promote their products & businesses effectively for three decades.

Since 1994 Tafnit focused all its operations on the Chinese vast market and representing Western high- technology oriented companies.

Tafnit has an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese business arena, which is the fastest growing market in the world. It differs from the occidental one and requires profound specialization. It has many barriers: different business culture, unique language, the needs for personal relations in the process of doing business, the size of the country and the size of the population - all these reflects only few of the problems that a foreign firm faces when it makes a strategic decision to enter into this huge, fast growing & promising market.

  • Tafnit - an Israeli Corporation established in 1990. Since 1994 focuses all its operations onto the Chinese Market.
  • Tafnit Headquarter is in ISRAEL (Haifa) and with its Subsidiaries in CHINA at Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong; and a regional office in EUROPE - France (Paris);
  • Tafnit has gained vast experience in bringing international companies to China providing tailor made to each client’s needs and to its specific sector with full Business Development, Business Connections, Marketing & Sales services, M&A and Investments.

Haim Shafrir with Chinese and Israeli Presidents