Tafnit offers, to foreign companies, few solutions and operations that were successfully implemented during its recent years of operations in China.

We provide the newcomer to China with a full range of services – from business building & business accelerator to elementary assistance including marketing and sales support.



Tafnit operates in China since 1994 and has developed management & business tools together with its trained teams of expert workers to assist Western Companies to enter into the Chinese market and provide sales, in a relatively short period of time.

The cooperation with Tafnit provides major advantages to foreign companies who make their first steps in the Chinese business arena: quicker time to market, possibility to start sales with no delay period, low penetration costs.


About Tafnit Group

Tafnit - an Israeli Corporation established in 1990. Since 1994 focuses all its operations onto the Chinese Market.

Tafnit has gained vast experience in bringing foreign companies to China providing tailor made to each client’s needs and to its specific sector with full Business Development, Business Connections, Marketing & Sales services, M&A and Investments.