Tafnit offers to foreign companies a varity of solutions and operations that were successfully implemented during our many years of operations in China:


  • front office

    Establishing your China ‘Front Office’ for Sales, Localization, Manufacturing, Purchasing materials, Assembling facilities, mutual R&D - all even prior to your formal entity registration.

  • Business building

    Business building & business accelerator, marketing / sales support, recruiting Chinese qualified workers, handling the financial services including accounting & auditing.

  • Business Development Team

    Using Tafnit’s China Business Development Team – BDT. The BDT provides large number of operations: door-opener to top Chinese business & projects both at Government / provincials levels and at private sectors, locating potential partners / agents / system integrators, examine local competitors, conducting market survey, arranging road-shows, channel creation, co-participating in exhibitions and conferences, file the registration of Trademarks, Logos, Names.

  • Offices

    Providing offices and secretarial infrastructure.

  • Financing

    Financing, Investments & Creating Exit situations.